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[uS <--Hacked By Spiders]

Hacked By Spiders


<====[*] The Spiders Team[*]====>

[+] HackeD By Spiders
[+] Team : Ahmed Hamdy

[+] Email:


[+] root@:~# Hacked By Spiders !!!
[+] root@:~# we Love Programming we love Hacking
[+] root@:~# Just Tested your Security, It's very bad !!
[+] root@:~# Nothing Deleted or changed Just uploaded a html deface page.
[+] root@:~# If you need any help for improving security, You can email me !! :)
[+] root@:~# thanx for all member of my team
[+] root@:~# we are muslim hackers , we are every where
[+] root@:~# we are Spiders ... we are voice of freedom
[+] root@:~: Tell everyone we hacked your site now go sleep


[+] We Are Fearless, We Are United, We Are One, We Are Unbeatable!! !
[+] we will back again
[+] loading . . . . [+] server rooted [+]

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